How Much Does a Shuttle Bus Cost in Palm Beach?

How Much Does a Shuttle Bus Cost in Palm Beach?

Shuttle buses are a convenient solution for getting around Palm Beach, catching a plane, jumping on a cruise ship, or painting the town red with friends. When you’re wondering “how much does a shuttle bus cost in Palm Beach?” your best option is to find a professional shuttle bus company and request a quote for your situation.

There are any number of reasons you may require a professional, yet affordable shuttle bus service in Palm Beach, FL. A company which offers the full range of services will ensure you can get to your destination and home again safe and sound every time.

Here are just a few of the services a high-quality Palm Beach shuttle bus service will provide.

Cruise Ship and Airport Drop-off

When your bags are packed, and you have your tickets ready, the only thing left for you to do is get to the cruise ship or airport terminal on time. D & J Transportation have been ferrying travelers to and from Port Everglades, Miami, and Palm Beach airports for just over a couple of decades now.

You can be sure you will get there in plenty of time before departure, luggage included. The friendly professional drivers are also happy to pick you up from your home or hotel. Be sure to ask about their shore excursion packages which offer fun and exciting ways to explore the area.

Day Trips

How Much Does a Shuttle Bus Cost in Palm Beach?

A day trip with a shuttle bus packed with friends is the perfect way to explore Palm Beach, FL. A professional tour guide can plan out a fun and exciting adventure for you, or you can create your own itinerary.

Event Shuttles

Driving yourself around and dealing with traffic on wedding days, birthdays, or even corporate events is no fun. Professional shuttle bus drivers will help you get the most enjoyment out of the day without the hassle of parking or worrying about whether you should get behind the wheel.

Let D & J Transportation take care of your transport for you whenever you need to get yourself or a group around town in safety, comfort, and style. We have a range of vehicles and services to suit any transport situation. Next time you find yourself wondering how much a shuttle bus service in Palm Beach, FL costs, pick up the phone and let us show you how affordable, fun, and convenient it can be.

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